Thicker, Darker and Longer Eyelashes? Consider Latisse®

By Dr. Richard Noyes

Latisse Results

Would you be interested in a product that will make your eyelashes thicker, darker and longer? 

 Latisse® allows you to achieve beauty naturally, using the body’s own pigment.  Latisse® contains an active ingredient that optometrists have used safely for years and is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate eyelashes.  Latisse® is proven to prolong the growth phase of hair and stimulate thicker, darker and longer eyelashes.

 Latisse® is applied once daily to the eyelashes using a sterile applicator.  Users can expect to see results in 8 weeks with full results occurring at 12-16 weeks.

 Latisse® may eliminate your need to use mascara and has the potential to reduce lid conditions and contact lens complications that can result from incomplete or improper removal of mascara.

 To find out if Latisse® is right for you, schedule a consultation with the doctors at Iowa EyeCare today by calling 319-377-2222.  Iowa EyeCare has locations in Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Robins, Iowa. Additional information about Latisse® can be found at

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